For Norwegian-Americans

Genealogy Research in Norway

Do you want to find out where in Norway your ancestor came from, how they lived and why they emigrated?

Are what you have heard about your ancestors true? Do you want the real story, I will make that possible for you. The history of your ancestor will be found. The surname of your family might be relevant for where they lived in Norway. Would it not be fantastic to find the farm your ancestor lived on and where they emigrated from? Does family members still live there?

Do you have old norwegian letters that you do not understand? I can translate from norwegian to english for you.


For genealogical research that can be done from home (internet), the  price is per hour USD 55,-  I usually do not accept orders with length under 10 hours, but I am willing to discuss this for special occasions. Invoice will be sent after work is done, payable within 20 days. Longer engagements can be invoiced in bulks.

Introduction Price: per hour USD 45,- if ordered before Oct. 1, 2017.

For surveys that includes travelling to national or international (outside Norway) archives, there will be additional costs. If possible I will try to estimate the cost of such extraordinary surveys.


For lecturing, preparations will alwys be invoiced, depending on what amount of preparation is needed. Short lectures of an hour or so will normally cost USD 120 + preparation time. Travel expenses will be charged in addition.

Why Choose My Services?

I am an experienced genealogist from Norway. I have been doing research for others for years and I do classes and lectures in Norwegian genealogy. I have also written books about genealogy in Norway for the nordic market. I am also the editor of the norwegian magazine “Genealogen”. Contact me and I will help you find your connections too.